Saturday, December 22, 2012

India Gang-Rape protesters clashed with Police in Delhi / International Solidarity Message from Void Network

Void Network [Athens, London, New York, Rio De Janeiro] expresses international solidarity for all girls and boys of India fighting for the end of patriarchic opression and medieval gender inequality and erotic supression in India. We express our demands for change of social morals all over this world, we demand social equality, gender equality, freedom of expression, freedom of Love, end of supression of diversity, freedom for all beings in all around this planet. This is the time for REAL CHANGE! THIS THE TIME FOR REAL FREEDOM & EQUALITY!

NEWS REPORTS from India:

Gang-rape protesters face tear gas, lathicharge

Police used batons, tear gas and water cannon to turn back thousands of people marching on the presidential palace in intensifying protests against the gang-rape of a woman on the streets and on social media. The 23-year-old victim is battling for her life in hospital after she was beaten, raped for almost an hour and thrown out of a moving bus on a busy New Delhi street. he protesters, largely college students, are demanding the death penalty for the accused and safety assurances for women. The savage rape and torture occurred on Sunday night, when the woman and her male friend boarded a private bus in south Delhi after watching a movie. The woman was brutally and repeatedly assaulted by six men. Her male friend, who tried to save her, was also beaten up by the rapists. Both the girl and her friend were stripped and dumped by the roadside near the domestic airport, after the nearly 40-minute ordeal in a moving bus, that passed unchallenged through five different police check points while the ghastly act was underway.

(Yahoo India News report) 
There is utter chaos outside North Block in New Delhi this morning as hundreds of protesters demanding justice for a 23-year-old medical student who was gang-raped in a moving bus on Sunday tried to break barricades and enter the premises. The police, to contain the crowd, had to resort to water cannons, lathi charge and finally tear gas shells.

The girl victim of gang-rape 
died at 29 Dec. 2012 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hungry Men | A Short Film by Yiorgos Bakalis

Capitalism has collapsed, and fat people have been driven out of society… a few of them,all living in the same house, form a revolutionary group without meaning. An anonymous, fat man lives above them. Their rent is collected by Nancy, a beautiful state official who has a double role. Everything changes when the leader of the group decides to eat the state officer for the cause of the revolution. Only one person in the house, who is asked to write the manifesto, knows about the leader's plan. The tension between the two, the role of the mysterious fat man, and his relationship with the state officer will lead to an unexpected decision ...

You can watch the whole film just clicking the below link

Stathis Stamoulakatos
Ermandos Soussis
Spiros Grammenos
Alexandros Parissis
Vaggelis Alexandris
Dimitris Kapetanakos
Iliana Mauromati

Script,Director: Yiorgos Bakalis
Yiorgos Bakalis is graduate of Staurakou Film school. The second short film, A peaceful Man, participated in international festivals and won prize “Honour Dinstriction” in Digi-2009 International Festival of Drama.

Assistant Director,Executive Producer: Spiros Kastanas
Director of Photography,Montaz: Aggelos Matzios
Set Designer: Maria Papadopoulou
Costumer: Aspasia Mpota
Sound Design: Vaggelis Lympouridis,Nikos Karavas
Music: Alexis Grapsas