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Witness: Children of the Riots. (Words, Images & Moments from the streets of Athens)

As the financial crisis weighs heavily on Greece, 
the country seems trapped in a dead end. 
But discontent over the misuse of power has 
long been simmering. 
Greek youths reflect on how the killing 
of a teenager by police and the global spreading 
of economic, political and social crisis changed 
their lives for ever.

This is a short documentary about 
children of the streets, children from
the streets of Athens, 
same children like these children  in the streets
of Egypt, Tunisia, Barcelona, 
New York or Oakland...
Same dreams, same desires, same rage...
These are short fragments 
from the History of 21st century

Film directed by Christos Georgiou for AlZajeera

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chile student rising 2011 ( a short Documentary)

During the education protests in Chile, the students took over schools and streets, demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their institutions. 

Almost four decades after the dictator Augusto Pinochet implemented this free-market based management of education, the protests are causing a political crisis for the country’s president, Sebastian Pinera. What are the underlying causes that drive the anger?

This short documentary portrays the Chilean student movement during their fight in a country plagued by economic inequality, as the demonstrations in Chile coincide with protests erupting worldwide.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Occupy Nigeria!: Moments of Insurrection from Revolted Nigeria

short introduction by "Moment of Insurrection" group:
Nigeria is known to many antagonists for the on-going indigenous insurgency against ecological destruction. Over the last week the country has ruptured into massive upheavals triggered by the states removal of fuel subsidy. Given that Nigeria is exploited for a massive quantity of the worlds oil supply, and that the state is recognized for little more then the fuel subsidy- the initial strikes called for by the unions have been transvered by the multitude and now across Nigeria insurrection bellows.
Below is a chronological montage of twitter feeds from numerous people and various sites, including #OccupyNigeria. Although social media remains problematic for antagonists in many struggles-, the recent ‘Arab Spring’ and Occupy movements have found a social detonator in the medium. The reproduction of these messages here creates for me a (cyber)space in which to view the belligerent pluralism of a community-in-motion’s assembly.
In From Riot to Insurrection, Alfredo M Bonanno believes we must be ‘capable of understanding the communications of the future, because it is this that will make it possible to construct the insurrectionist instruments of the future to be put alongside the knife our predecessors carried between their teeth’. And it is in this way ‘we can build an air bridge between the tools of the past and the dimensions of the future’.

Messages from revolted Nigeria:

The #Kano protesters are scampering for their lives as Police fire live ammunition and tear-gas into the crowd
The Nigerian Police are still following the #Kano Protesters to Sabuwar Kofa firing tear gas and shooting randomly.
The latest terrorist group in #Nigeria is called “Nigerian Police Force”
“some of my friends were injured but there’s no one to take them to hospital. #Kano” Police block injured protesters
Medical attention needed in #Kano as some of the peaceful protesters are injured, following the police midnight attack.
Medical attention needed in #Kano as some of the peaceful protesters are injured, following the police midnight attack.
Sometime after midnight, #Kano police used teargas to disperse the peaceful crowd at Silver Jubilee Square
Friends Please as we #occupynigeria pls check the Hashtag #TearGas for info on how to prevent&deal with it. PLEASE RT
#occupynigeria has now besieged the Edo house of assembly in Benin city. If you’re in Edo state pls join them asap!
So, let’s prepare for medical teams/mobile units to go along with our protest. Unlike the FG, every life is important to us.
For tear gas, use gas mask, or soak bandana in lemon juice or vinegar&cover ur nose till u reach high ground. Wear Goggles
Lawyers protest at Ikeja,
time is 8am and start-up point is Olaiya Junction
Lugard Hall needs you RIGHT NOW!!! You should be there if you want CHANGE!!!
The Police in Ekiti have agreed to protect the #occupynigeria protesters to ensure the demonstration is not hijacked
Meanwhile, Ogun kickstarted demonstrations this morning. Protesters now at Oke Ilewo.
Volunteer medic personnel needed in Abeokuta, Abuja, Kaduna today.
Veteran Musician Eedris Abdulkareem releases Nigeria Jaga jaga part 2.
BIS services on @MTNNG is shut down in #Kaduna
Crack down started in Kano where an amazing thing happened. Xtians & Muslims protected each other.
The Nigeria Medical Association has said it will join millions of Nigerians to protest government’s subsidy removal policy.
Some ex-militants in the Niger Delta have threatened to regroup if there is excessive use of force on #occupynigeria protesters.
Soldiers beating and molesting protesters around UI and Poly area, Ibadan.
Sokoto is tomorrow. Pls join and retweet.
Lawyers in Lagos have begun a protest against the fuel subsidy removal
STRATEGIC BRIEFING 1! Remove your phone contact details from social media network. DM Your number ONLY to Trusted organizers!
Leaders of Nigerian labour unions and the Federal Government holding secret talks in Abuja right now
I must confess I never expected the protest to be dis massive, a lot of people are out here…goin strong!
Police crack him gun carry am face up, a protester shouted “u shoot one, we shoot five” other policemen begin laff
Benin City protesters block Lagos highway. Students and lecturers join in.
Word is its crazy up at Ugbowo/Lagos road as well, benin/lagos road blocked!!!
just got word dat d emir of bauchi is marching with the masses…..Sanu Sir!!!
Protesters in Benin carried jonathan’s coffin
A building has been burnt down in ilorin belonging to the minister of youth and development
Flash! The police dat killed a protester in ilorin has been stoned to death
Another Nigerian Killed during #occupynigeria protest! Nigerian TV AIT Report says 1 protestor killed in Gusau, Zamfara
#OccupyNigeria Inspires #Kenya as Kenyan activists cite Nigerian Movement as Inspiration as they start mobilisation. Now We INSPIRE others
We’ll occupy dr minds, dr thots, dr meetings, dr plans… Until Lambs become lions and the timid become bold…
Any connections to printers in #Abuja that can work magic & print flyers for tomorrow’s protest?
Join #OccupyEnugu peaceful march this Monday by 8am @ Okpara Square, Enugu.
Im so ready for the protest…however long it takes, you should be too. This madness must end, and the time is now!
murtala mohammed international airport will be occupied retweet
OccupyNigeria protest to hold in #London, #Abuja, #Ekiti, Ile-#Ife, #Oshogbo, #Ibadan, #Ijebu-Ode, others today.
A group of newspaper readers, Thursday in Yenagoa, mobbed a man who tried to support GEJ’s-led FG removal of #fuelsubsidy.
Protester killed in Kano
Security Operatives have reportedly blocked all the routes to the Eagles Square, Abuja, in bid to stall the planned #occupynigeria protest.
The nbc is blacking #occupynigeria protests out pls send your videos to
Go and #occupynigeria don’t be violent, don’t give the government or policemen opportunity to say we are violent….
Our comrades are gathered at Transcorp junction, Merit House. Please tell those on your TL, FB Wall, and BB contact
NANS south west have taken over Ibadan protest. As things are, it may soon turn violent
We are flooding all the senators private phones with 1 million SMS each. What do you want the message to be? Pls reply.
Support the protesters! We need handkerchiefs, mats, first aid kits, water, snacks, recharge cards for Monday!
#BenueState is on at Woodland Park, #Makurdi. Join Now!!! Please retweet, broadcast, post on facebook. Inform everybody!!!
Donations keep coming in! We just got 8 cartons of biscuits&wafers for Monday! If you can’t march, u can and should support!
Even hackers have started their onslaught. The federal looters are in trouble
All web programmers, and developers with advanced knowledge in SQL injections, proxy by pass should contact me…
London protest Live! #OCCUPYNIGERIA photo! more arrive as Nigerians students protest in london
Now approaching Police barricade at Secretariat, Abuja
Across Nigeria, Christians provide protection for Muslims as they observe Jumat prayers. United Nigeria.
occupynigeria‘s getting interesting. Government people should just start hiding in their offices….before una chop slap outside
UPDATE: PENGASSAN announces indefinite strike and will NOT call off even if NLC directs, until price is reversed
Market women, today, occupied the streets in Ile Ife.
SSS, today in #Minna, arrested a protester, Fatihu Aminu, a graduate of the IBB University. He’s still in SSS custody.
Attention! #OccupyNigeria #Abuja Cover your faces with kerosene dabbed hankys… That’s the fastest antidote to TEARGAS. Pls retweet!
BREAKING: #Nigeria‘s National Industrial Court rules that NLC must not embark on Strike on Monday 9 Jan
The criminal Judges think they carry any weight. They’ll only help upgrade this from protests to full-blown revolution.
Subsidy removal : Reps to convene emergency session on Sunday
We’ve gotten loads of water but we need First Aid Kits. Please donate towards the Monday protest
The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) – HACKED in solidarity with the #occupynigeria protests.
We will disobey all kangaroo court rulings. That’s why its called civil disobedience, idiota! The prostests will hold.
Okada men just troop out in Benin blocking all road junctions and roundabouts. E don dey red o.
Opposition politician supporting the #occupynigeria movement, you’re also chopping our money so you don’t fool me.
Some #OccupyNigeria protesters are still at the Eagle square Abuja after passing the night there.
Every 24hrs, we @NaijaCyberHack will bring down a Nigerian Government Website until they respond to our cause!
Nigerian transport ministry website hacked by activists
#occupynigeria protests at World Bank on Monday, January 9th at 11am to 1pm & at IMF on Friday, January 13th at 10am to 2pm in Washington DC
Dear Nigerians in South Africa, ball in your court! Please welcome GEJ tomorrow. Reconfirm his attendance and go say hello.
OccupyNigeria-US washingtonDC/NewYork,Otawa-Canada,Kiev-Ukraine in top movment’s spreads.. #London a success already!
The Nigerian Medical Association and Nigerian Bar Association to offer free services to Nigerians in the struggle.
What You Should Know if Arrested While Protesting in Nigeria.
Four staff unions of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria have planned to join the mass protest called by the NLC tomorrow.
House of Representatives vote against the removal of #fuelsubsidy.
Do you know what these Honorables have done? They are trying to stop you from occupying them.
Protest kicks off at 9AM tomorrow @ Gani fawehinmi Park, Ojota bus stop, Ikorodu road, Lagos. Pls be there!
Nigeria Labour Congress commends House Motion But Says, “The Strikes and Protests Must Go On” Tomorrow
Lagos – the take-off point for the Island crowd in Lagos tomorrow is under the Falomo Bridge at 8am
FGN is offering to buy airtime on all TV & radio stations in Nigeria tomorrow to prevent #occupyNigeria broadcasts. Watch out between 12-5pm
People of Meiran, Abule Egba, Sango, Agbado & their environs converge @ Mr Biggs, Abule Egba Bus Stop, 7:30am, then to Ojota.
Redeemed University of Nigeria forbids students from joining the #occupyNigeria protest, students threatened with expulsion.
PDP vigilantes in 30 buses NOW at Hotoro to attack #occupyNigeria protesters in the morning on the instructions of Kano State Government!
President Jonathan to disregard House of Rep order on Fuel subsidy, says Reuben Abati, his media assistant.
This just got personal! 40+ innocents #occupynigeria protesters just attacked camping outside eagle square
The Nigerian police used this steel iron to beat the young man while he slept. #occupynigeria
I just called 911 when I reported my emergency, the operator switched off my call
Police Attacks Law Abiding Protesters, Ordered to Shoot and Kill
It’s abt 2hrs to d grand #OccupyNigeria rally, so get d words out to everyone by SMS, BBM, FB, eMail. Rally starts @ 9am all across d land.
Streets of Lagos has been empty this morning, devoid of usual Monday morning traffic. #OccupyNigeria seem to have folks away from work
Conference of Islamic Organisations, CIO, has insisted that the NLC/TUC strike should go ahead, supports #occupynigeria protests.
BREAKING NEWS! CABAL MBR Dangote website hacked by NaijaCyberHactivists4Violating workers righ
In Ojota, protesters already marching
About 40 protesters coming to Ojota, saying “We must fight, amen.”
Flash! #OCCUPYNIGERIA Ibadan-Nigeria Protesters set up bonfire to prevent police from firing live rounds
Protesters already smacking cars, shouting at motorists at Ojota.
More than a thousand at Ojota, Lagos for demonstration
Hundreds protesting outside wuse market Abuja. Banners say ‘subsidy removal is a crime against Nigeria’
Police at Ring Road firing tear gas canisters indiscriminately.
The number of innocent Nigerians murdered by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s dogs is growing. Two added today in Lagos alone!
With a bunch of concerned Nigerians, trekking through a deserted Ikorodu road, to join the Ojota-bound crowd
Network going a bit screwy in Ojotoa _ likely as there are thousands here now
Mob action reported to be gathering for a showdown with Area G police command over the shootings of 3 boys.
The crowd is overwhelming.. Its hot but we are together
Kano protesters burn down police vehicle for attacking peaceful #occupynigeria protesters
TVC station owned by Bola Tinubu switches off broadcast
Protesters shut down Warri, Effurun, Udu
Jonathan’s police has killed 3 protesters in Lagos and 6 in Maiduguri today
It is a peaceful protest in Birnin Kebbi capital of Kebbi State
At least 1 dead as security forces open fire on #OccupyNigeria protestors in Kano city,
Thousands of protesters burn down police vehicle for as security forces keep attacking #OccupyNigeria in Kano.
Another 7year old crushed to death in a stampede at the protests in #Kano
Nigerian Police, no more Nigerians MUST lose their lives in d course of dis Protest if y’all don’t wanna risk an OPEN WAR !!
A chopper (registration no 5N L50) is flying over the #OccupyNigeria protest venue in circles. The crowd is chanting “ole” (thief).
The NLC chairman, Abdulwaheed Omar, abruptly stops Abuja protest, without explanation. People disperse
Protesters set vans ablaze, sought to set fire on CBN gov’s home
OccupyNigeria Lagos protest called off for Day 1. Everyone returns to Gani Fawehinmi Park tomorrow at 9am. Thank you, Nigeria!!!
There’s false information on both sides. Please be careful about the information you share so we don’t cause more harm.
We will be on TVC tomorrow. We must be heard by force by fire
S/O to everyone that took part in 2day’s protests. Tommorow is another day. We won’t STOP until Nigeria is Liberated
My friend Taiye Fatoki was run over by ex gov Oyinlola’s car in #osogbo while protesting
GTB Segun Agbaje summoned 7 branches to resume duty 2day, All in VI…AjoseAdeogun, plaza and others. Letz shut them down.
Jan 10
Todays set up is much better. Looks more organized. The crowd is also plenty
crowd heading to Governor’s house in Marina after stopping at otedola & tinunbu’s house to sing OLE!!!
Do you want to call President Goodluck Jonathan? This is his no 08022477777
How can you deploy Special Anti robbery squad to stop Protesters in Abuja?
Policemen reported to be shooting at protesters at Onipan #Lagos
A lot of stranded passengers waiting at Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
5 dead, 10,000 displaced after clashes in Benin
Anti-terrorism squad here at Ojota. How did they miss the road to Maidiguri?
Nigerians in Ghana have just decided – they will be occupying the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana tomorrow.
Due to threats of violence and heightened tension, #OccupyNigeria in Kaduna suspends protests till further notice
P lease remember as we #OCCUPYNIGERIA it is our duty to protect D aged, young children, women & physically challenged if we are able to
lease remember as we #OCCUPYNIGERIA it is our duty to protect D aged, young children, women & physically challenged if we are able to
JAN 11
Day 10 of Protests. Day 3 of National Strike. #Abuja: 8am – Berger. Same route as yesterday.
Protests-Day 10. National Strike-Day 3. #Lagos-9 am: Ojota; 8am: Falomo; 7:30am: Anthony Grds; 7:30am: Mr Biggs, Abule Egba
Abuja protesters were attacked again overnight.
Nigerian Army involved in Tuesday midnight attack on #OCCUPYNIGERIA protesters who are camping in Abuja.
The Occupy Wall Street Movement will, today, make a solidarity march at Nigeria House in New York, to support the #OccupyNigeria protesters.
At about 1.30am this morning about 15 vehicles full of plain clothes men beat up #occupyNigeria youths at Ascon Oil, Wuse. Many were wounded
Ironically, d crime rate in Lagos has fallen to an all-time low sinx d beginning of #OccupyNigeria movt, crimes recorded committed by police
Ironically, d crime rate in Lagos has fallen to an all-time low sinx d beginning of #OccupyNigeria movt, crimes recorded committed by police
As you’re occupying here in Ojota, we’re occupying Nigeria’s entire airspace. No one can fly!” – Labour Union (Aviation) Rep
This is not a Nigerian spring…it is a Nigerian awakening. After the awakening comes the spring
Update: The strike still continues tomorrow Thursday, RT and Broadcast
We no longer want the round table..we r tabling the issues on d floor
There was a casket making the rounds today, at the #occupynigeria rally. And several attempts to bring down a police helicopter with curses
List ends in mid-morning…

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Global Insurrection is our only possible FUTURE

"Anarcha-Indigenism", an edited excerpt of a conference paper presented by Richard J.F. Day

Short Description:

(The following is an edited excerpt of a conference paper presented by Richard J.F. Day)

Anarcha-Indigenism is an emerging body of academic and activist theory and practice that works across and in between traditions of anarchist and indigenous political theory. The anarcha (as opposed to anarcho) part of the term refers to affinities with both Western and indigenous feminisms. If anarcha-indigenism 'is' anything, then, it is a meeting place, a site of possibilities, a potential for mutual aid in common projects within, outside, and against the dominant order. It is not an ideology or party, but part of an emergent and ever-changing network of autonomous subjects, organizations, and institutions.

Indigenous author Taiaiake Alfred writes:

[t]he basic substance of the problem of colonialism is the belief in the superiority and universality of Euroamerican culture, especially the concepts of individual rights as the highest expression of human freedom, representative democracy as the being the best guarantor of peace and order, and capitalism as the only means to achieve the satisfaction of human material needs (Alfred 2005: 109)

What Alfred sees as the heart of Canadian colonialism is immediately recognizable as what has long driven anarchist critiques of mainstream western institutions and practices, i.e. the rejection of capitalism, self-interested individualism, and the state form. Andrea Smith argues, in a similar vein, for the necessity of "creating those structures within our organizations, movements, and communities that model the world we are to trying to create... an alternative system not based on domination, coercion and control" (Smith 2005: 130).


These alternatives were understood by the classical anarchist Petr Kropotkin as examples of federation, distributed networks that rely upon shared protocols rather than top-down command, leading to the free linking of localized structures and processes into larger and more complex systems. Of course, in the nation-state system, federation is a top-down affair, with clear lines of control. In non-statist anarchist and indigenous paradigms, however, in involves dense, shifting, multi-dimensional networks that defy a simplistic hierarchical analysis, and are therefore much more difficult to manipulate.

Stateless anarchist and indigenous federations generally involve three elements: consensus decision making at all levels; the ability to remove or recall representatives; and the ability of the community to decline, in certain circumstances, participation in decisions or actions undertaken by the larger structure. (Barsh 1986: 185, 195; Burnicki 2005).


Related to the problem of hierarchy is that of authority. Both capitalism and the state are deeply dependent upon structures of arbitrary authority, which can be wielded as a weapon over others. Anarchists have long been critical of this kind of authority (bosses, priests, cops, scientists, etc.). As Marie Smallfalce Marule has noted, "in traditional Indian societies, whether band or clan, authority was a collective right that could be temporarily delegated to a leader, under restrictive conditions to carry out essential activities. But the responsibility and authority always remained with the people." (1984: 36).

Direct Action

The rejection of arbitrary authority in both of these traditions is linked to "a belief in bringing about change through direct action" (Alfred 2005: 46). Direct action helps us train ourselves to look after ourselves, rather than relying on state or corporate institutions to do it for us. For many indigenous peoples, it is becoming increasingly clear that direct action in sustainable consensus-based communities and federations both depends upon, and contributes to, a process of cultural revitalization. Taiaiake Alfred emphasizes that this process is not about somehow 'going back in time,' but requires a critical relation to a living tradition (Alfred 1999: 5). It is about values and practices, and how we embody these values in our daily practices.

Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Colonial

The western world has not always been capitalist, just as it has not always been burdened by parasitic state forms. Nor have its practices always been as environmentally unsustainable as they are today. These are relatively new developments, related to modernity and industrialization. Before the white man could colonize anyone else, he had to colonize himself. This points to a need for both structural and social reorganization as processes of decolonization. A mere change in structure cannot overcome the power of structure, as Bakunin pointed out, but neither can a mere change in structure overcome the power of socialization. Evidence of this lies in the endless list of insurrections that failed to lead to the Big One, such as the recent rise and subsequent decline of autonomous institutions and practices in Argentina. Cultural revitalization has been recognized as a much-needed element to any resistance and reconstruction; the existence of autonomous women's movements within each of these traditions tells us that there is still work to be done in dealing with issues of gender and sexual oppression.


Anarchist feminism, which has existed as long as anarchism itself, seeks not only to dismantle patriarchy, but to abolish all arbitrary authority and hierarchy and replace them with spontaneous and decentralized organizations. Of course, if anarchism as a discourse opposes all forms of oppression, then the term 'anarchist feminism' becomes redundant: all anarchists must be feminists, not just some of the women. Despite the indisputable logic of this argument, anarchist men and women of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries often differed in the relative importance they gave to fighting patriarchy vs. fighting the so-called 'big three' of capitalism, the church, and the state. Patriarchy also permeated interpersonal relationships among anarchists (as it still does, to varying degrees).

Anarchist feminists have a long history of dialogue with non-anarchist women, pointing to the 'here-and-now' changes feminist movements have been able to accomplish for women. Radical feminism and anarchist feminism have a close affinity; they diverge, however, from those streams of radical feminism that advocate for matriarchy as an alternative to patriarchy. Anarchist feminists seek not to 'seize power,' but to 'abolish' it (Ehrlich 2002: 44). The attempts by anarchist feminists to radicalize feminism seem not to have been successful. There seems to have been more success, however, in feminizing anarchism.

Indigenous feminists tend to see patriarchy as an imposition from the outside (patriarchal colonialism); while some indigenous women reject the label of 'feminist' outright, others have constructed hybrid approaches. What ends up being called 'matriarchy' when talking about socio-historical organizations of indigenous communities is better seen as a complex system in which men and women share power through complementary roles. There is no simple relationship, then, between western and indigenous feminisms. As Andrea Smith points out, "these theories are not monolithic and cannot be simply reduced to [a] dichotomy" (2005: 118). However, Smith and other indigenous women do argue for a certain specificity to an indigenous feminism, in that it necessarily understands that "attacks on Native women's status are themselves attacks on Native sovereignty" (Smith 2005: 123).


Theoretically, an anarcha-indigenist perspective is based on an interlocking analysis of oppression, without privileging one over another. How might anarchists, feminists, and indigenous peoples work together, as individuals, communities, and nations, in ways that protect our autonomy and promote mutual aid and decentralization? It seems that the two-row wampum model is a very good one, especially once it is generalized into an 'n-row' system. Each of us must repsect the desire of the others to steer their own vessels, as we all travel down the same river together. This model could be implemented as a non-statist federation, which would include communities and nations that share the principles just discussed and are committed to acting upon them. Non-statist federation represents a turn away from "the assimilative lure of the politics of recognition," towards "direct[ing] our own struggles, ... our own on-the-ground strategies of freedom" (Coulthard 2006: 12). In the context of settler states, it would mean inverting and undermining the whole 'land claims' process, so as to recognize the historical fact that we, as settlers, are present on indigenous lands, to which we have no 'claim' at all, in the sense of ownership. Rather, we must return to our original agreements and work out sustainable modes of peaceful co-existence.

Communities and nations in a non-statist federation would have to pay close attention to diplomacy, that is, to creating and maintaining good relations between all of its constituencies. This requires protocols, which could emerge out of an explicit project to 'indigenize' and 'anarchize' dominant western understandings of 'international relations.' Indigenizing such relations requires, I think, working at a number of different levels - political and social, structural and interpersonal. Politically, settlers must stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples reclaiming land and fighting for self-determination, by taking action within and against the dominant order in their own societies. This action can and must be both symbolic and direct, including such tasks as media work, jail and court support, blockades, protests, information sessions on the history of colonialism, and so on. This kind of work is ongoing, but it tends to be sporadic and take on a crisis-response modality. Once the barricades come down, the settlers go home and don't come back until they go up again. We need to build more, better, and stronger social and personal relationships across the colonial divide. By learning about each other's traditions and practices, we can begin to address existing tensions marked with centuries of colonialism, genocide, and oppression.

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